Did you know that the number one reason people don't volunteer is that no one asked them? Well, we are asking for you to be involved!  Your time and knowledge is needed and wanted by our staff and students. The diversity of our community and the experiences you can share with our students is valuable to us.  Whether it's a little time or a lot of time. . . on-campus or at home. . .  mom, dad or grandparent. . . WE NEED YOU!  We could not do it without each of you. 
Our volunteers are an extremely important part of Arbor Creek Middle School and perform such tasks as:
  • chaperoning field trips and dances 
  • helping in the lunchroom or library
  • working in the copy room or workroom
  • helping at Book Fairs 
  • Dad's Club
  • Staff Appreciation
  • helping in the classrooms or with individual teacher's needs
  • and many more (click the Volunteer Opportunities link to the left)
Please get involved today!  No experience is necessary, and you will have guidance along the way.  How do you get started?  Easy!  Fill out the online Volunteer Form and complete your LISD background check.  We look forward to seeing you! 
Please stay tuned for volunteer opportunities.  Any questions, contact Stephanie Moseley, Volunteer Coordinator.

Hello ACMS Family! We are so excited that you are interested in volunteering! LISD school board policy requires all volunteers to undergo and pass a criminal background check prior to volunteering on campus. Our background check is done in partnership with our volunteer management system, VOLY. Here’s your step by step instruction guide.

Instructions for Volunteering at Arbor Creek Middle School


  1.  A Background check must be obtained through VOLY.  

  2. Go to www.lisd.net.   Click on the Resources Tab, For Parents, Volunteer Information (Please note: do not use Internet Explorer as your browser when using VOLY.)

  3. Click on the link lewisvilleisd.VOLY.org

  4. Click on “Create a Volunteer Account” and enter the information as requested to create an account. 

  5. Choose a volunteer-type:  Unless you work for the district, you will be a “general volunteer”

  6. Enter the requested information, including address, phone number, DL or SS #

  7. Choose Arbor Creek as a school of interest. Please be sure the schools you want to volunteer with this year are selected; if they are not, the campus where you want to volunteer will not see you on their list of approved volunteers 

  8. Please complete the profile questions and select your interests and enter your skill sets.

  9. Save Application.

  10. Please note that viewing the Orientation slides is no longer a required step to volunteer. It is available for your reference.

  11. Once your background check is complete, VOLY will send you an email (usually 2 – 3 weeks).

  12. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please send an email to partnerships@lisd.net to assist you with your questions.


A few additional notes about volunteering and background checks:

The criminal background check in LISD is good for three school years. 

Please remember, as an added step to ensure the safety of our students, you will still have your driver's license run through our Raptor system upon arrival at the campus. The Raptor system is a real-time sex offender check. Volunteers must pass both the Raptor and VOLY check in order to volunteer.

All returning volunteers will need to renew their VOLY application upon their first sign in for the school year regardless of your background check status. If you have done this step as part of your back to school forms, then you will not be asked to do that again. If you need to do this for the first time, please select My Applications and then “Application”. If no information has changed, scroll down and click “Save”.