We need the support of every parent/guardian of every child at ACMS. For the first time ever, now your student can join the PTA.  We also welcome members of our community to join our PTA. Your dues are vital to our organization, as it is our main source of fundraising.
*IMPORTANT* Please add separate PTA Memberships to your cart for every person joining.  Example:  Add mother membership to cart. Click Continue Shopping,  go back to E-Store and add 6th grade student membership to cart.  DO NOT UPDATE QUANTITY IN SHOPPING CART. During check-out there is a box that says "Any Additional Information Box".  In that box please include father's first/last name & email, mother's first/last name & email, student first/last name & grade for 2019/2020 school year. 
Our Membership Chairperson needs to see individual memberships and must know the individual names, emails, student grade, for every person who joins.  If you would like to Volunteer as part of the PTA, please fill out our Volunteer form at this link: VOLUNTEER FORM
Thank you!